14th November 2019

Synapse Performance issues with matrix.org synapse

2019-11-14 13:00 - We are investigating issues with performance of matrix.org

2019-11-14 14:10 - We have identified the performance issue is with our database, which seems to be recovering. We're monitoring the situation.

2019-11-14 15:00 - Performance seems to have improved but we are continuing to monitor.

2019-11-14 16:20 - This issue appears to be intermittent but still ongoing

2019-11-15 09:20 - This issue is still ongoing

2019-11-15 11:36 - We are encountering issues having moved to a new database host. We're seeing a backlog of requests which should clear through soon.

2019-11-15 12:03 - We have completed our migration to the new database, which has improved performance. We're continuing to monitor but are happy that the server is now stable.

2019-11-15 15:00 - The server has been stable the last 3 hours and we are considering this issue resolved.